One Second Every Day – 2014


On January 1, 2014, I started documenting my life with one second of video every day. I've spent dozens of hours over the past year working on this project and I'm happy to share the finished product. Even though some seconds appear to be random, every clip has some significance to me. Thanks to everyone who made an appearance in the video! Read More »

What is a Social Media Coordinator?


When I tell my friends and family that I’m a social media coordinator for a digital marketing agency, I usually get one of the following responses: “You make a living doing that?” “Oh, you just play on Facebook and Twitter all day?” “So you’re like Mark Zuckerberg.” Yes, no, and I wish... The position of social media coordinator didn’t really exist when I started college five years ago. I think the best way I can describe my job is to explain many of the other jobs that make up my position... Read More »

Social Media Night with the @Royals


I’ve had a passion for social media and sports for as long as I can remember. So when I heard the Kansas City Royals were having a Social Media Night on August 1, I knew I had to be there. Read about the night and my suggestions for future social media events in sports. Read More »