Hello, World. Meet Andrew Grojean.

In case you couldn’t tell from the web address, the title of this post, or title of the blog, my name is Andrew Grojean. I’m a senior communication student at Truman State University concentrating my studies on public relations and digital marketing.

I started this blog for selfish reasons. Apparently, writing skills are valued in the workplace. Who knew? This blog is my attempt to prove to the world (and future employers) that I have those skills. This is the beginning of a blog that will discuss social media, entertainment, and public relations—and their impact on both my personal life and the world.

Much of my knowledge on the topic of social media is self-taught or gained through an internship, not from a classroom or book. I firmly believe that the best way to learn in the field is through hands-on experience. This is why I will try to offer unique insights to everyone—from fellow college students who haven’t had as much in depth training in the field to senior professionals who could use a fresh perspective on various topics.

I strongly encourage feedback on the blog, especially while I am first starting, so I know what to continue doing and what I can improve upon. I definitely appreciate engaging conversation and connecting with others, so you can leave your comments in the comments section below. I look forward to getting to know my readers and sharing my thoughts with the world.

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About Andrew Grojean

Andrew is a Social Media Manager at a digital marketing agency in KC, interested in all things social media, pop culture, sports, and technology.

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  1. Hi Andrew, I loved how you set up your timeline profile page. Can you direct me or send me an URL on how you did it like that?? I love you articles also.

    • Thanks Therese! I didn’t reference any pages when designing the cover photo because back in September there weren’t any to reference.

      I used Photoshop to copy and paste certain parts of my old profile to make it look like I took a screenshot. I’ve been asked about this quite a bit via Facebook messages and Twitter so I will probably type up a quick post soon to answer those questions and guide people on how to imitate it.

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