GM Magnus Carlsen vs. Andrew Grojean – Game and Analysis


On September 22, I got to live out a dream. I had the opportunity to play the world chess champion, the number one ranked player in the world, and my chess idol, grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. I’ll be writing about my full experience soon, including a New York movie premiere of Disney’s Queen of Katwe and a cocktail party with Norwegian …

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One Second Every Day: Vol. 2 (2015 Highlights Edition)

Andrew and Sluggerrr of the Royals | 1SE

Another year, another video. In 2015, instead of recording one second of video every day, I captured the moments that were memorable and meant the most to me. From Alabama and New York City to Beer Pong Champs and the World Champ Kansas City Royals, 2015 will be a tough year to top!

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One Second Every Day – 2014


On January 1, 2014, I started documenting my life with one second of video every day. I've spent dozens of hours over the past year working on this project and I'm happy to share the finished product. Even though some seconds appear to be random, every clip has some significance to me. Thanks to everyone who made an appearance in the video!

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Wordless Wednesday: I Googled Myself

Andrew Grojean on Google

I Googled myself and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I share my findings in this Wordless Wednesday post, which isn't quite wordless... Check it out and let me know if you Google yourself too.

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