One Second Every Day: Vol. 4 (2017 Highlights Edition)


In 2017, I traveled back to New York, ate my way through Nashville, and cruised to Mexico via Los Angeles. I also saw Kansas City in a new light, and in no light during the solar eclipse. I’ve compiled my highlights for the year in the fourth installment of my annual “One Second Every Day” project.  

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One Second Every Day: Vol. 3 (2016 Highlights Edition)

One Second Every Day 2016 Thumb

2016 was full of adventures. I traveled across Europe, cruised the Caribbean, played chess against the world champion in New York, and attended some fun conferences for a job I enjoy. Thanks to my friends and family who helped make the year a special one! Here's the third installment of my "One Second Every Day" project.

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Andrew vs. Magnus: My Game Against the World Chess Champion

One night three years ago, in a bout of insomnia, I went down a YouTube rabbit hole. Videos about the Kansas City Royals led to obscure sports highlights, and before I knew it, I was watching a video from 60 Minutes about the “Mozart of Chess.” The segment followed a grandmaster named Magnus Carlsen — only 21 years old at the time, but already the highest-ranked chess player in the world. That 10-minute segment renewed my interest in a game I had only played as a kid with my dad. Little did I know that, in three short years, I’d be playing against Magnus himself in New York City.

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GM Magnus Carlsen vs. Andrew Grojean – Game and Analysis


On September 22, I got to live out a dream. I had the opportunity to play the world chess champion, the number one ranked player in the world, and my chess idol, grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. I’ll be writing about my full experience soon, including a New York movie premiere of Disney’s Queen of Katwe and a cocktail party with Norwegian …

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One Second Every Day: Vol. 2 (2015 Highlights Edition)

Andrew and Sluggerrr of the Royals - 1SE

Another year, another video. In 2015, instead of recording one second of video every day, I captured the moments that were memorable and meant the most to me. From Alabama and New York City to Beer Pong Champs and the World Champ Kansas City Royals, 2015 will be a tough year to top!

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