[Infographic] An Amusing Look At Facebook’s IPO

The business world has gone crazy during the last few months due to the hype and speculation surrounding Facebook’s impending IPO. Facebook makes its Wall Street debut on Friday, May 18, 2012. Blogger Greg Voakes has contributed to the hype with Facebook MBA, a humorous infographic based on Facebook’s new Timeline profile design.

Clearly I’m a fan of designing things to look like Facebook profiles. I particularly enjoyed the faux comments and updates of Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett, and wanted to share. It is worth noting that since this infographic was created, Facebook has updated its filing to increase its IPO price range to $34-$38 per share, not $28-$35 as depicted.


Facebook IPO Infographic courtesy of Greg Voakes under Creative Commons license

Will you buy shares of Facebook when it goes public?

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  1. [Infographic] An Amusing Look At Facebook’s IPO via @andrewgrojean – http://t.co/el7wUn0y

  2. RT @andrewgrojean: [Infographic] An Amusing Look At Facebook’s IPO via @andrewgrojean – http://t.co/8ibuS1uY

  3. [Infographic] An Amusing Look At Facebook’s IPO via @andrewgrojean – http://t.co/R3JU8TmW #ea

  4. No, I will not be buying shares of Facebook. I think the company faces serious challenges with the shift to mobile.

  5. Ramesh Shankerlal

    [Infographic] An Amusing Look At Facebook’s IPO via @andrewgrojean – http://t.co/7NI2cSXI

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