Wordless Wednesday: I Googled Myself

This is what happens when you search “Andrew Grojean” on Google Images.

Andrew Grojean on Google Images
My Facebook cover photo floods the first few results pages.

My hope is that this post will be indexed in Google soon, so the next time I search for “Andrew Grojean” on Google Images, I’ll see the image of “Andrew Grojean on Google Images” on Google Images. It’s so meta.

I can’t be the only one who monitors their brand online. Let me know if you Google yourself in the comments below.

About Andrew Grojean

Andrew is a Social Media Manager at a digital marketing agency in KC, interested in all things social media, pop culture, sports, and technology.

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  1. Joan-FindingLeads4U

    Never seen Google open like that before Andrew. Have you specifically requested images?

  2. Hmmm… I do, but in regular search mode. I do pretty well on that page, but the image search is full of other Lynn’s!

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